Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Right to Public Services Commission

RTI Proactive Disclosure

Proactive Disclosures of Information relating to the KP Information Commission as required under Section 5 of the KP RTI Act, 2013

The following categories of information shall be duly published by public bodies in an up-to-date fashion and in a manner which best ensures that they are accessible to those for whom they may be relevant, including over the Internet, subject to reasonable restrictions based on limited resources:

5(a)Acts and subordinate legislation such as rules, regulations, notifications, bye-laws, manuals and orders having the force of law in the Province, including being made available at a reasonable price at an adequate number of outlets to ensure reasonable access by the public;1. RTI Act 2013
2. Rules & Regulations
3. Notifications
4. Manuals
5. Fine Orders
6. Office/Legal orders
5(b)Information about the public body, including its organization, functions, duties, powers and any services it provides to the public;1. About Information Commission
2. Functions of the Information Commission
3. Powers of the Information Commission
4. Divisional Offices of the Information Commission
5(c)A directory of its officers and employees, including a description of their powers and functions and their respective remunerations, perks and privileges;1. Information Commission Organogram
2. Commisison Directory / Staff List
3. Distribution of Work
4. Remuneration (other perks & Privileges admissible to Civil Servants i.e. Medical, House Subsidy etc ) 
5(d)Norms and criteria set by the public body for the discharge of its functions, including any rules, manuals or policies used by its employees to this end;1. Service Rules
2. KPIC Conduct of Business, Procedure & Disposal of Complaints Rules 2019.
5(e)A description of its decision making processes and any opportunities for the public to provide input into or be consulted about decisions;Description of Decision Making Processes of Information Commission
5(f)Relevant facts and background information relating to important policies and decisions which are being formulated or have been made and which affect the public;1. Complaints of citizens
2. Information Commission Proceedings
3. Showcause Notices
4. Penalties
5(g)A detailed budget of the public body, including proposed and actual expenditures;Information Commission Budget Details
5(h)Details about any subsidy or benefit programmes operated by the public body, including details about the amount or benefits provided and the beneficiaries;N/A to the Information Commission 
5(i)Particulars of the recipients of concessions, permits, licences or authorizations granted by the public body;N/A to the Information Commission
5(j)The categories of information held by the public body;1. Details about the total numbers of RTI Complaints filed by the Citizens in KPIC
2. Details about Information Requests 
5(k)A description of the manner in which requests for information may be made to the public body, including the name, title and contact details of all [Public Information Officer]s; and1. KPIC PIO Details
2. Overall KP PIO Detailed List 
5(l)Such other information as may be prescribed.1. KPIC Request Process Flow Chart
2. KPIC Complaint Process Flow Chart
3. Information Commission Contacts