Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Right to Public Services Commission

Notified Service: Fresh Issuance of a Driver License

Procedure to get a fresh issuance of a Driver License


  • Pass Test page duly signed by the MLA (In case of failing the test the applicant must repeat phase 2 i.e., again printing the test page by depositing again the said amount in the bank).
  • CNIC of the Concerned District (In the case of the out district, permission may be granted from the concerned MLA/DPO in advance).
  • Medical Form duly signed by the Medical Officer.
  • Fee Slip deposit in the designated Bank i.e., Rs 125 or 250.
  • Fee Slip Deposited in the Bank for license Issuance i.e., Rs.600 or Rs.1200.

After fulfilling the above requirements, the applicant is eligible for getting the Computerized Driving License.


Step 1:Token issuance: – For getting a computerized Driving License, token will be issued to the applicant in which the applicant CNIC No, Name, Type of License, Deposited amount, date of fee deposited, and bank name are stored in the Database.

Step 2:
Thumb and Signature Storing: – Applicant thumb and Signature are stored in the Database.

Step 3:
Issuance of Fresh driving License: – After completing all the above steps the system will give a Computerized Driving License number to the applicant and a receipt is handed over to the applicant informing them of the receiving date of CDL; the history sheet is kept on record.