Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Right to Public Services Commission

Notified Service: Police Clearance Certificate

Procedure to get a Police Clearance Certificate

A police clearance certificate is a document presenting the status of the applicant regarding their criminal history: it may contain no data, current ongoing information, or a past criminal record that – due to severity of the crime or history of the event, may now be expunged. It is NOT a certificate that shows a person as not having a criminal past.

Step by step procedure:

  1. Write a simple application on a blank page for a police clearance certificate.
  2. Submit the application along with CNIC, passport copy & 2 pictures in the SP office to get a signature on the application then take that application form to the local police station closest to the domicile.
  3. Submit the file with all requisite details to the local Police Station.
  4. The case will refer to the respective officer for inquiry after verification, the report back on application will be forwarded to the station in charge. At the end of the process, clearance will be written by SHO.
  5. If there is nothing adverse against the applicant mentioned in the certificate, a printed Police Clearance form will be issued to the applicant after obtaining his/her thumb impression and picture.
  6. Finally, applicants can collect the certificate from the DPO office within 7 working days.