Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Right to Public Services Commission

Notified Service: Renewal of Driving license

Procedure for renewal of driving license


  • NIC
  • Medical Form Duly signed by the medical officer (for above 50 age)
  • Fee Slip deposit in the designated Bank i.e.
  • Expired Computer driving Licenses
  • Computerized history sheet page approved by MLA

After fulfilling the above requirement, the applicant is eligible for getting the renewal computerized driving License.


Step 1:  Token issuance: – For getting a renewal of computerized driving license, token will be issued to the applicant in which the applicant NIC no, name, type of license, deposited amount, date of fee deposited, and bank name are stored in the database.

Step 2

Medical Information: – Applicant Blood group height weights are stored in this phase.

Step 3

Renewal: – In this phase, the renewal of licenses is made with the unique license no.